We invest in talent; we invest in Search Funds

Find out how we help our Search Funds with our premium Private Equity approach

ONEtoONE Asset Management was created to partner with and help the best Searchers

The project was born from the initiative of renowned specialists in the SME M&A and Private Equity world: Enrique Quemada, Chairman of ONEtoONE Corporate Finance Group, and Juan Cuesta, a former Partner in SMEs buyout firms such as Corpfin Capital or MBO & Co. They work with a team of Private Equity specialists with the only goal of helping the Searcher succeed.

In summary: we finance your search, invest in the acquisition, empower you to build a great business, and help you exit successfully. We buy, build and invest alongside exceptional professionals by providing capital, tech, Private Equity, M&A, Due Diligence, management expertise, talent and other resources.

We support extraordinary Searchers

Having hands-on experience assisting growth companies in developing and executing their strategic plans, we have gathered a Private Equity team specializing in helping Search Funds succeed. We look for exceptional Searchers to partner with who leverage our decades of investor experience to help them realize their vision to become the next generation of great leaders and make their mark and generate superior returns.

Our sole purpose is to help and devote our time to ensuring the Searcher’s success.

We are a long-term partner for the entire Search Fund journey working with the Searcher to build an exceptional business while providing deep Search Fund tools, knowledge, Private Equity, M&A, Due Diligence, management expertise, experience, resources, and relationships.

ONEtoONE invests in talent and hidden gems


We back individuals demonstrating the grit, determination and hard work required to succeed, with a vocation to be a positive change agent in the companies they lead.

Hidden Gems

We look to invest in businesses that can create superior returns for all constituencies through revenue growth, operational efficiencies, scale, modest financial leverage, and improved management techniques.

Meet the team

Enrique Quemada - Managing Director

Enrique Quemada


28 years of experience in M&A and Asset Management. Chairman of ONEtoONE Corporate Finance, a leading M&A group for SMEs; former Managing Director at Santander Private Banking and Fortis Bank, and author.

Juan Cuesta - Managing Director

Juan Cuesta


34 years of experience in Private Equity and former partner in SMEs Private Equity firms such as Corpfin Capital or MBO Partenaires.
Alfonso Osorio - Investment Director

Alfonso Osorio


Over 12 years of extensive international experience in private equity and M&A transaction services (Deloitte, BDO, Citi and IDG Capital) with a high level of specialisation in SMEs. Alfonso holds an MBA from IESE Business School.

Blanca Villarta - Investment Associate

Blanca Villarta


Six years of experience in Transaction Services at the international audit firm Mazars. Previously, worked for BNP Paribas Cardif as a financial controller.

Celia Masedo - Back Office Director

Celia Masedo


Four years of experience in Financial Audit at the international audit firms BDO and KPMG, and worked at Gala Capital.

At ONEtoONE Asset Management, we invest in exceptional Search Funds and support Searchers to become great leaders.

Whether you are already a Searcher or are looking to become a Searcher, we are here to support you. We finance your search, invest in the acquisition, empower you to build a great business, and help you exit successfully, with our sole purpose being to devote our time to ensuring your success.