At ONEtoONE Asset Management we are committed to adding significant value investing in the best Search Funds

In addition to investing, we help our invested Search Funds throughout the entire process of finding, evaluating, negotiating, acquiring, and managing an SME.

ONEtoONE Asset Management - What we offer

ONEtoONE Asset Management is a Private Equity Funds Manager that partners with international Search Funds through its ONEtoONE Great Searchers Fund (regulated by the Spanish Market Securities Commission).

With €35m to invest with Searchers, ONEtoONE Great Searchers Fund provides support throughout the search fund life cycle. We follow the Search Fund Model while offering funding and resources like databases, Artificial Intelligence search tools, email finders, industry reports and our vast Private Equity Experience to support their search, acquisition and management journey.

A highly experienced Private Equity team at your service

Our seasoned Private Equity team, with extensive experience in assessing and acquiring SMEs sum up 92 years of experience in M&A and Private Equity and act as invaluable counsellors. You can count on having a unique team that works closely with you throughout the Search Fund process. We focus on providing deep support and expertise throughout your whole journey.

At ONEtoONE Asset Management, we invest in exceptional Search Funds and support Searchers to become great leaders.

Whether you are already a Searcher or are looking to become a Searcher, we are here to support you. We finance your search, invest in the acquisition, empower you to build a great business, and help you exit successfully, with our sole purpose being to devote our time to ensuring your success.